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Learn About Us

Jay Love and Sean Myles met post-grad taking a corporate tax class. They developed a friendship over the years from discussing different ideas and viewpoints. Several years later they decided to start a business together and Love Myles Group (LMG) was born.

Firm Profile

LMG is a Tax and consulting firm primarily focused on reducing taxes for individuals and small to medium size business. We take a proactive approach to the structure and planning side of your taxes. Technology plays a very important part to solving problems.

Are you satisfied with the amount of taxes you have been paying?  What do your future taxes look like?  Do you want to find ways to reduce your tax burden and keep more of your hard-earned cash?  The Love Myles Group is proactive in tax planning so that entrepreneurs can pay the least of amount of income tax that is legally possible.  If you qualify for this type of service we will assess your situation by examining your tax returns for every possible deduction, credit, loophole and any other opportunities that are legally possible for the benefit of your finances and future goals.  We use the information to develop a plan, implement the plan and guide you going forward.

We also provide tax preparation, bookkeeping, and IRS representation, and consulting services.